Asian Series


These boxes are intended to be every bit as much a piece of art as a place to keep your treasures. Their size and proportion make them equally at home in a living room, office or library as they would be on your dresser. 


Each box serves as a showcase for a combination of woods featuring fascinating color, figure and texture. You will find fine details on every surface, tops to bottoms, inside and out. Even the bottom of each tray is inlaid. 


To truly appreciate the finish of the boxes, you have to feel them as well as see them. The extensive finishing process involves several coats of penetrating oils, each meticulously hand rubbed to a higher polish until a lustrous, silky finish has been achieved.


Size: 12"L x 5-1/2"D x 2-1/2"H 

Example above: Ebony with Spalted Figured Maple and Koa


Other Examples

A1022_004.jpg (74526 bytes)

A0123_007.jpg (33551 bytes)

A1031_005.jpg (27945 bytes)

Asian027.jpg (66530 bytes)

A1025_014.jpg (41019 bytes)

A1024_002.jpg (28887 bytes)

The bottoms look as good as the tops!


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