These are drawings that represent designs that have not been built yet or completed pieces that have no photos. Each of these designs can be built from virtually any combination of materials to suit your tastes. In some cases, the design can also be altered to fit the client's needs.


bookcase_diametric SE.jpg (53936 bytes)

Small Bookcase

Scaled for a smaller space, the curved sides and shelves offer big style. Shown in figured Cherry and Walnut.


45"H x 36"W x 12"D

bookcase_front.jpg (65721 bytes)

bookcase_side.jpg (31663 bytes)bookcase close Top 2.jpg (77817 bytes)

Sideboard_01.jpg (92910 bytes)

Sideboard_02.jpg (376895 bytes)

Craftsman Sideboard

A very classic look with a little more pizzazz. Traditional casework and dovetailing carry the theme to its construction


72"L x 25"D x 37"H

Sideboard_023JPG.jpg (95822 bytes)

MahogCurveTop1.jpg (48964 bytes)

Curved Top Console Table

Perfect for either curved or straight walls, the curved lines of this table present a great opportunity to display your artwork atop another piece of art.

MahogCurveTopSide.jpg (28626 bytes)

MahogCurveTopFront.jpg (36686 bytes)

Curved Leg Sofa Table.jpg (36058 bytes)

Curved Leg Sofa Table

Very simple yet elegant lines belie the curved and angled joinery that set this table apart from the mundane. Add a beautifully figured top to make this a stunning addition to any room. 

CurveLegFront.jpg (26968 bytes)

CountryBed1.jpg (71524 bytes)

Traditional Craftsman Bed

Traditional in overall design, this bed parts ways with the old by offering distinctive trim and design elements based on the beauty of the woods. Available in full, queen and king.

BedDetail.jpg (53286 bytes)

BedFrontDetail.jpg (82631 bytes)

BST_SE Diametric.jpg (47173 bytes)

BSTDrawer Detail.jpg (92848 bytes)

Craftsman Bedside Table

Designed to accompany the Traditional Craftsman Bed, this table combines beautiful wood combinations with details such as hand-cut dovetails and through mortise and tenon joints.

BST_Shelf Detail.jpg (72475 bytes)

BedGroup1.jpg (80327 bytes)

Traditional Craftsman Bedroom set

Combine the above bed and tables to create a set that you will look forward to retiring to each night.  

hisherTop2closed.jpg (40256 bytes)

hisheroneopen.jpg (47172 bytes)

HisHer_opendetail.jpg (64955 bytes)

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