Walnut Dining Chairs



One of a set of eight chairs commissioned to compliment an existing dining table. Sculpted from Claro Walnut and Imbuya Burl, these chairs represent a very unique design. With almost no straight lines or perpendicular joints, this design plays tricks on the eye from practically every angle. While the hefty rear legs and back rails were all shaped from massive 3-inch thick, 2-foot wide walnut boards, the design still manages to lend a feel of airiness


Viewing the chairs from the rear you are given the impression of a rather high-backed chair but come around to the front and it looks much more modest in proportion. The legs and back rails also have a little sport with your eye as their orientation makes a 90-degree turn as they curve from base to terminus.


Several coats of hand-rubbed oil finish off these unique chairs.

Belying thier size and large walnut components, these chairs still manage a light, contemporary look.

Backs of Imbuya Burl compliment the walnut nicely.

Hefty pinned tenons provide a solid anchor point for the frame that supports the seat while tying the structure together.

Bend Living.Magazine - February, 2008