Caring For Your New Piece

A piece of hand-crafted furniture or a beautiful jewelry box can bring great enjoyment and last for generations. Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. We take great pains to design and build pieces that will cope with the inherent movement of the wood. One thing is certain though, the wood will expand and contract. The result of this is that, if significant enough, you will see changes in joint lines, larger or smaller door gaps and reveals and in some cases, slight warping or twisting of box lids. 


There are a few things you can do to minimize these effects and help ensure that your investment is protected:


  • Avoid extreme or rapid changes in temperature or humidity. In some climates (like mine) winter brings lower temperatures and humidity and temperatures and often nightly use of the fireplace. These factors can stress even the most judiciously constructed piece. If it's impractical or undesirable to remove your piece from these conditions, the best solution is to use a humidifier in that area and try to avoid rapid temperature swings.

  • Never place your piece in direct sunlight (i.e. in a window or doorway). This will degrade the finish, bleach or oxidize the wood and create an uneven temperature condition.

  • Avoid placing hot or moist objects on furniture. 

  • Polish your piece regularly to help preserve the finish, using a high quality wax or polish *see footnote. Never use a spray on furniture polish as these almost always will contain silicone and other contaminants which will eventually degrade your finish and make any future refinishing very difficult.

To help you care for your fine woodwork and to thank you for your purchase, WoodArt Design would like to send you a free Care Kit. 


The kit contains materials and instructions to to keep your piece looking it's best. To receive your kit...




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*We recommend the following polishes:


Stickley's Original Formula Furniture Dressing 

L.& J.G. Sticlkey, Inc

(315) 682-5500


Watco Satin Liquid Wax

Available at most woodworking stores and home improvement centers

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